We ebb and flow, as the sea’s tide,
We wane and grow, like the moon’s shine.
Ever in flux, ever arranging
Our many layers of light, ever changing.




Kali: Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction and Power

I really shot myself in the foot with this one! Haha it took me so long to finish that I missed all the final days of #Inktober. But I feel extra proud for having birthed this savage hindu Goddess!


While I painted her I explored the symbolic meaning of her story and came across a beautiful anecdote:

An astronaut went far out into space and was asked on his return whether he’d been to heaven and seen God, he answered: Yes. She is black.

Kali, the great mother, the principle of death, the void, the darkness, the womb principle. The destructive force wherein all things are dissolved to be reborn again. The presence of ghastly things that absolutely must not happen in contrast to which life exists.

Substance, literally that which stands underneath. We see a painting but not the paper, we see the stars, but not the space they are held in. Kali is a vision of the feminine as creative and all encompassing. Unfathomable darkness from which everything is born. A beautiful alternative to God as a man on a cloud with a beard.

Coincidentally, I found this hilarious childhood picture of myself triumphantly towering over my brother as queen of the slopes, in a somewhat Kali pose! Hahah Check out this silly snapshot ❤


This was inspired by prompt 24 #chop final Inktober of the year.

Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō

Muddied waters bring a boon,
They are merely life’s cocoon,

They’re a space from which to bloom,
As you grow from moon to moon.

Happy full moon beauties and beasties! Haha
#Inktober day 23
Prompt: #muddy

Inspired by the Buddhist proverb “The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud”

Some lotus flower power for those full moon transformations! 💜

Giving new meaning to the expression “I’d tap that!”


#Inktober days 20 & 21 and the short n’sweet reflective poems they inspired!

Two kinds of people on this plane,
One is the tap and one is the drain.

Don’t think a heart can ever be broken,
No untruer words could ever be spoken.

With love and constancy everything mends,
And change and betterment is always right there, just around the bend.



So, be the tap, my friend, be the tap!

It’s funny how we say, my heart is broken… Can something that is eternally mendable and has this incredible capacity to grow stronger in strife, truly be called broken?

Catching up!!! Hihi

Unbottle your inner child

This week my day to day has been flooded by the lightness of being and magical dimension of life existing within the spheres of doubtless childlike imagination, where every rustle of the leaves was a spirit passing and a fleeting shadow an otherworldly being glimpsed from the corner of our eyes. We gave them names, we pondered the reason of their existence, we dreamt of what their worlds were like.

As we step into adulthood our extra-senses are numbed and dumbed down, bottled up and put away on the shelf of childish fancy. But how magical it is to drink of that potion! Indulge in children’s play, rid ourselves of rigidities and formalities. Laugh! Imagine! Remember what we loved to do as children and feed those desires! If only just for a moment.
Childhood me dreamt of being able to draw Sailor Moon characters. I would record the episodes on VHS and pause the tape to copy the images off the screen. Most oftentimes Sailor Mars, with her fiery hot headed personality, little me was like that haha and I loved her! Then and now. 🔥🔥🔥

#Inktober day 18 and 19
Prompts: #bottle & #scorched

What is your childish fancy?


Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha


Sometimes in our minds eye, we allow our worries to swell up, we feed them with fatalistic scenarios and doubt.

Growing up Ganesha was my favourite deity in his sweet and childlike ways. In their very wonder and innocence children have great power and wisdom! Unlearn & remember. When obstacles seem insurmountable let your inner child take command, indulge in play and ease your spirit!!! There’s so much clarity in it 🐘

#Inktober day 17 still going strong!!!
Prompt: #swollen

Shine bright

Complete the sentence:
Shine bright like… 💎

Wish I could write a short story about this cute critter hoarding his shiny stash from crystal poachers and new age hippies, he’s been guarding them for days, just staring, with his eyes wiiiide open, can you tell? Haha

#Inktober day 16
Prompt: #angular &
#goblin from @mabgraves Drawlloween 👻

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